Artist Information


Katie Scarlett

photo by Acey Harper

Katie Scarlett is an artist who believes the performance arts to be extraordinary and vital, residing in a place out of time, made from the fabric of humanity and the dreams of the world.

 She began her life’s journey into the language of the body as a young gymnast who went on to study classical ballet of the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, earning honors under the RAD evaluation structure. Accepted into the Boston Conservatory of Dance, her ballet and contemporary studies continued at Boston Ballet and in the dance studios of Cambridge. Her vocabulary expanded upon arrival in San Francisco,California where she began professionally performing in contemporary dance with such choreographers as Alma Esperanza Cunningham, Joe Landini, Kate Corby and Christine Cali. Indulging her love for dance theater, Katie performed in premiere productions with Dwayne Calizo of the Experimental Performing Institute(EPI) and Sarah Moss of Robillard Theatre Works . While moonlighting with the Extra Action Marching Band and Vau de Vire Society she found her next great love.

Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod pulled her into the skies as they became partners in the creation of a  exceptional duet on aerial cerceau (hoop) : Scarlett & Axelrod. Upon introduction into the world of circus arts, the intoxicating elements inherent in flying + spinning through the air, dancing with + eating fire and learning to sit on her head + stand on her hands sparked an unquenchable fire. Serchmaa Byamba and her Mongolian Contortion Center inspired an increased pursuit of flexibility along different pathways than those sought in dance. Fleeky Flanco and Dominik Wyss of the Royal Russian Kung Fu Training Academy of Heaven Mountain planted the seeds of desire and an open door for learning handstanding and aerial straps.

The opportunity for expression through these forms of movement is immense and Ms. Scarlett is blessed by the many platforms at home and abroad where the opportunity to explore, collaborate  and fly both on and above the boards has continued. Katie is a founding member of San Francisco’s  Circus Automatic who premiered for their home audience to much acclaim and sold out houses in 2014. TrapezeWorld,LLC was the first company to stage Scarlett & Axelrod’s unique duet and remain a favorite creative outlet. The Crucible has given the opportunity to perform en pointe in a tutu en flambe and on a fire trapeze. Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig invited Katie & Chloe for their first European festival and then kept them on for their European performance premiere. Stage Entertainment and Celebrity Cruises have given the ability to perform in large productions touring all over the world, feeding the nomadic and artistic heart.

 From Katie’s perspective, life makes more sense and is much more beautiful when seen through the structure and discipline of the speaking body. To her it is poetry. An incredible gift. She believes there is endless inspiration in art and an abundance to learn and share about ourselves, and the world we live in. She is inspired and committed to evoking, developing and evolving her unique artistic voice with which to resonate outward. She believes that learning is a lifelong adventure .

 When not upon the merry stage Katie is an instructor of circus disciplines, dance and Pilates, an accomplished choreographer of movement of all kinds, a gifted costume designer  and sometime poet…..